The head is among the most prominent features of a RealDoll. The lips are soft and stretch just as a real woman’s. The hinged jaw can open and close in a realistic way. A soft tongue can be removed for sexy real dolls added pleasure. The mouth cavity is ribbed for more pleasure. The sexy features of the RealDoll the ultimate in realistic sexual dolls. This toy will give you the pleasure you want whether you’re looking for a gentle touch or full-blown sexual experience.


Harmony is a fantastic choice when you’re looking for real-life sexual doll. The doll’s weight and size can be adjusted to fit your requirements. It can also be put in many different positions. The eyes and mouth of the doll look exactly like those of human beings. There are a variety of customization options including various hairstyles and body types. For the best results we recommend using the real-doll version.

Harmony, the sexdoll company, has been working with Abyss Creations as well as other tech companies to create robots that are more realistic and lifelike. By the end of the year, real Doll sexdoll Harmony sex dolls will have artificial intelligence (A.I.) The dolls will feature blinking eyes, a moving mouth and a personalized small-talk. Harmony’s personalized face is priced at $17,000 and you can also purchase just the head for another $10,000. Harmony is also working on software and sensors that will allow Harmony to respond to the touch of a user.

The Harmony sex doll is based on an artificial intelligence (AI) that is able to recognize the preferences and behaviour patterns of its owner. The robot can be programmed to follow your preferences and make you feel intimate and in control of your sexual experience. Its voice and animations are controlled through an app. The robot can also be fitted with a Bluetooth speaker to improve your experience. Even though Harmony is not currently animate, Realbotix is working on adding more sensors to enhance its capabilities.

Three case studies of clinical relevance and two medical articles have been published in the literature on sexual dolls. Danielle Knafo studied Jack, the 48-year-old psychotherapy patient who was a victim of a rough childhood and two failed marriages. The patient purchased a RealDoll Maya for more than $10,000. The author suggests that these dolls can be beneficial to men, women and even children.


Natalia is the ideal choice to find real sexually active dolls. This blonde beauty is beautiful with soft curls of hair, blue eyes, and skin that is slightly tanned. She is 2 1/2 feet tall and weighs 55 pounds. Her body is very realistic, with full breasts, gorgeous cleavage, and a gorgeous vagina. You can dress Natalia in any style and she’s completely poseable. With her flexible legs, Natalia can stand on her own.

Natalia’s realistic facial features are one of her greatest assets. The TPE material allows her to feel real in your fingers. She is a beautiful girl with warm eyes and a mouth that is full of kissable, clitoral and genital features. Her body is also real, with three functional holes. It’s difficult to find a sexdoll so real and fun to be around.

Another benefit to Natalia’s natural beauty is that she cannot self-lubricate, which means you’ll have to apply lube prior use of her. The real doll’s canals are very smooth and she comes with a detergent and a douche. The sexdoll ships from the UK through an UK courier service. She’s among the largest sexually explicit dolls available, weighing in at nearly fifteen pounds when packed in.

It is essential to select a doll that is secure when shopping for sexually explicit dolls. Natalia is safe and will fulfill any sexual fantasies. With realistic features and real sexdoll non-toxic materials, this sexdoll makes a great choice for special occasions or just for fun! It will make you feel like a true woman each time you wear it!


OV Doll offers hundreds of TPE and silicone dolls to pick from. You can personalize the doll to meet your preferences, like an alternative appearance or gender. The adult toys offered by the company are popular in the USA and Europe. OV Doll also offers customisable outfits and accessories. While it’s not the best choice for everyone, you can still find the perfect doll to satisfy your fantasies.

OV Doll, a Japanese company has offices in both the UK and USA and a factory in GuangDong in China. They manufacture sex dolls and accessories that range in price from $120 to $2000. OV Doll currently sells two different designs, including a five-foot sex doll named Adriana that costs about $700. The company also offers a customized build service, meaning you can choose a style that matches your personal taste.


One of the most recent models is the robotic sexdoll. This robot feels warm and mimics sexual desire. AI software lets you customize the robot’s appearance, speech and other features to suit your preferences. While there are some disadvantages to owning a doll like this, the benefits far outweigh them. Here are the top three.

Despite its artificial intelligence, the RobotCompanion isn’t as real as it may seem. It’s not a fully-realistic robot, but the company has invested in improving its artificial intelligence to enhance its performance. The robot is able to mimic human faces and respond to commands. The robot also comes with an English and Chinese-language voice system that allows it to be controlled using your phone tablet, or video game controller.

The humanoid AI sex-doll will satisfy your sexual cravings that will satisfy your fantasies for hours on end. The robot will never accuse you or disapprove of sexual harassment. It will fulfill your sexual desires without hesitation. RobotCompanion’s real doll sexdoll makes an ideal alternative to a real-life companion.

RealDoll isn’t the only product made by the company. Realbotix, a robotic talking head is also available. RealDoll bodies can have the Realbotix talking head attached to them, giving the illusion of feeling. The RealDollX app is available for Android devices. The dolls come with magnetic heads that can be affixed to their faces. RobotCompanion also created a robot sexual doll for males called Henry. Henry is expected to measure 6 feet tall and weigh in at 84 pounds.


The most well-known sexdoll on the planet is now available in a virtual form, thanks to a new artificial intelligence app developed by Abyss Creations. Abyss has joined forces with two companies to create an app for robots that will improve the RealDoll experience. Abyss plans to add interchangeable robotic heads to its RealDolls prior to the end of the year. This will allow them to be «more realistic.» This will allow the dolls to react realistically to the stimulation that they receive from their owners, like asking about their day’s events or discussing their latest adventure.

Contrary to other sexdolls the Abyss RealDoll is customizable, it allows the user to select the kind of nipple would like for their new companion. Each nipple is made to be ordered. The mold is used to create the doll’s nipple, and real doll sexdoll it is then applied to the doll over an in-between period. Abyss also makes prosthetic breasts that are wearable.

The company also employs a range of experts to design models. McMullen first began his career as an artist and sculptor during his time at college. McMullen began to make Halloween masks, and later made a poseable full-size humanoid mannequin. McMullen posted a picture of the mannequin on his site. People began asking for replicas of the genitalia with functioning functions. He began to realize the potential of his invention.

Abyss Creations has been a highly-respected sexdoll manufacturer due to its accomplishments. Harmony, the company’s female model won the XBIZ award in 2016 for ‘Sex-Doll Brand Of The Year in the USA. The company plans to move its headquarters to Las Vegas in August.


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