Do you think that all casinos adhere to the same rules of conduct? It is safe to bet your hard-earned money at an establishment owned by some of the most renowned names in the industry. These were the questions I posed to my good friend, Nevada gaming lawyer, while traveling for business and I was having some fun perusing the local telephone book to find a reputable casino. His response to the question was quite interesting.

He said, «I don’t know.» «You’ll need to inquire with the casino.» The following day, I visited an acquaintance in Las Vegas who has lived in Las Vegas for most of his adult life. He was with some friends from England, whom he had never had before. We were all in the casino playing cards, drinking a beer, when I saw a Brit sitting next to me playing an English style game — a six-shooter game.

«What you doing?» I asked. «This isn’t part of the game,» the man replied. I was puzzled. «Are you British?» «No,» he said.

«You believe you’re playing a simulation? «simulated casino game,» I retorted. «How can you call this an actual game? «It’s a game of luck,» he said. «Does this mean these casinos aren’t operating as a legitimate business?»

«Does this mean American gaming law doesn’t apply to Vegas?» He asked. «If the law of the state in Vegas allows you to gamble in any amount you want, then they can say it and do it. I’m just saying that there is an important difference between a gambler in Vegas is compared to someone in England or Australia.» I’ve also met individuals from the United States who have made a lot of money playing casino gaming, but now want to go home to the land in which the dollar is the safest and expand their holdings. They are going to Macau.

The British have an advantage in the majority of casinos. They are able to play the game and know the edge of the house (the difference between the fair market value and the true value of the asset). They also understand statistics and probabilities and can beat dealers. However, they are not the only Americans who have acquired their knowledge of casino games and applied it to craps, roulette and baccarat among other games. It’s not a matter of luck.

In Part Two: What You Must be aware of about casino Security, I’ll explain why slot machines are attractive to terrorists and walk you through the changes in security of casinos that have occurred in the last decade or more. This article also examines the issue by looking at the recent growth in home gaming PC technology and software which is making it easier for online gamblers to win huge amounts of money while eating at home. My main article focuses on the changes in casino security that affect the slots. Before continuing take a look at the companion article Why Slots remain The Best Bet at Casinos. Part Three: Dogs and Slots and Travel Tips will show you some tips for traveling that will assist you in beating the casinos at your own level. This article was written with the permission of Bill Bass, author of How to Play Better Than the Machines and published under the Creative Commons License.

In Part 1: The Unexpected Truths You Need to Know About the Casino Business, I laid out the obvious truth about gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey: Gambling, it turns out is a lucrative business. The bad, unfortunate part of this is that those in positions of power, as well as those who have financial ties to casinos are involved for years in a wide variety of criminal activities, many of it involving kickbacks and bribes, to keep the slots full and waiting to give you your hard-earned money. In Part Two: «There is a lot of frauds that are associated with Online Slot Gaming,» including tales of gamblers who have been fooled, or even had their winnings confiscated by government officials as a result of corruption. In this final installment, I will describe in as much detail and detail as I can some of the best information on travel and casinos available today. You can read the complete article here. However, if you’d like to know more about my personal tips concerning gambling in Atlantic City and Las Vegas go to this site.

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