Residents of Kyiv were out in their droves on Saturday to make the most of 34 degree temperatures, with hundreds enjoying the sunshine on the city’s central beach — just weeks after Ukraine’s capital came under siege from Russia’s invading armies and rocket strikes levelled buildings and killed civilians.

But Kingscote is equally proud as he gives me a guided tour of the two bathrooms he personally transformed earlier this year —plumbing in the toilets, bath and showers, doing the tiling and grouting and throwing in some under-floor heating for good measure.

 Speaking after she had been interview by police in 1999 about the possibility Lynette had been allegedly murdered, Marilyn Dawson said of the Dawson twins, ‘I know they have boys’ talks, but they wouldn’t be plotting murder.

They will have a devastating impact on everything from businesses and schools to Test match cricket and music festivals such as Glastonbury.

Rail freight could also be hit, resulting in empty shelves and petrol shortages.

‘We will always give twelve weeks’ notice of any branch closures, explaining the rationale for the decision, as well as highlighting alternative branches and ways to bank.

The newspaper reports that both men made virtually the same pleas and warning that they faced 20 years in prison of the death penalty after being charged with being ‘illegal combatants’.

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As people spend more time online, antivirus software has had to get savvier, adapting to more complete malware.

But the core concept, a handheld player that gives me access to PC quality games?

On the Steam Deck and Panic Playdate

The Playdate for me is one that I struggle with, in part because the design choice around the crank and the visual presentation. But how you deliver that, in a way that has a broad audience, is what that team is trying to figure out. The Steam Deck I think is really interesting, Their challenge, I believe, for what it is, it’s a bit overpriced. That’s a lot to overcome. Sign me up, that’s something that I’m interested in.

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