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When I did get noticed, it was for having nice legs. I figured she either thought it odd a guy was buying pantyhose or she noticed my pantyhosed legs. The next spring when the weather warmed, I was out in my pantyhose and shorts again, shopping for more pantyhose. Maybe if people would refer to the garment as male hosiery instead of «pantyhose,» more males would wear the garment. Although I only wear them with pants, my ankles don’t look that unnatural to me, but maybe it is more wishing than anything. A semi transparent media is that which causes more flex to gratify reality and surely want for a closer look . I look forward to reading more. If you don’t believe me have a look around I promise that goes on here. If your town is so narrow minded, have you considered moving to a better area? The area becomes ‘red-lined;’ real estate values go down increasing the pressure on already challenged home owners. Neil told them he had received a call for help from his brother and immediately rushed over (he and wife Nancy lived just across the street) and found his brother on the floor, rambling about a home intruder.


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