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6. Four different women, four different personalities: Samantha is the best example of a woman having fun with casual sex. 2. New York City serves as a protagonist too: The series is much more than the stories of four women. It is a travel guide to some of the more exclusives areas around New York. In such a world, love becomes the first casualty, where people tend to worship material success more than feelings or matters of the heart. Charlotte showed us that good-looks and the perfect facade aren’t everything, and that it’s personality and chemistry that matters in the end. Filmed in New York, Sex and the City is about the lives and the affairs of four women who are best friends, three of them are at the tail end of their 30’s (Carrie, Charlotte y Miranda) and one (Samatha) is in her 40’s. This is a comedy with dramatic elements that touches relevant social issues, including the role of the women in today’s society. Are you traditional and very emotional (Charlotte), free and passionate (Samantha), modern and independent (Miranda) or glamorous and analytic (Carrie)? Miranda sets a fine example for single and independent women looking to have a baby.

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