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Val’s body didn’t respond to her brief touch on her torso, but when she started kissing her pussy, she couldn’t help but start to become a little turned on in her confusion. Her fingers while buried beneath the delicate french panties, left little doubt as to their purpose, and with that realization he had the fish nibbling the bait. The young woman couldn’t help but let out a little moan as the woman continued to lap at her sex. And couldn’t help but smile. The Captain stole a look and saw the young wife trying to shyly take a peak. And Shemale favorite List when it does, take it like a champ 🏆 Not a ding dong. And he sure as he’ll didn’t act like a pussy about it. He teased here pussy as she whimpered and begged, and then his cannon aligned, he grabbed he hips and drove himself in as he pulled her back, driving his sword into her velvety, tight, slich sheath.


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