Cole Gregory: But now tonight, Jay Sinclair gets the honor and privilege to share the ring with me. The CGW Champion shows off his championship belt along with his agent by his side before the match begins, but Jay Sinclair is less than impressed, as he faked a yawn while leaning against the turnbuckles watching this display. He’s already in his ring gear with a black Nike hoodie over it and the Chasing Glory Championship belt is securely fastened around his waist. It takes a surprise knee lift from Kitty to disrupt the back and forth, followed by a forearm to the side of the head of CD that rocks him backwards and allowed for Dark to wrap her arms around his chest and flip him over head in a belly to belly overhead suplex. At the sound of the bell, Andi charges in at Angel who is able to side step her and drives a knee into her midsection.

karma rx Kitty gets a swift kick to the midsection to allow for herself to get up on her own, the veteran catching CD coming back in with a quick knee to the chin, landing on her feet and ducking low for a sweep to get Desperado off his feet and allowing for Dark to hit the ropes and hit a flipping senton on the midsection of CD and gets her a two count. He connects with a quick suplex which makes Sinclair go flying across the ring from the impact before he goes crashing down. More recently, features like 2017’s Ingrid Goes West, and documentaries like 2010’s Catfish and 2016’s Tickled, have contributed to a growing canon of movies that understand the internet as it exists. She quickly goes for a cover but only gets a one as Desperado pushes himself away from her. Desperado gets to his feet, grabbing Kitty’s hair and picking her up only to slam her down on the mat, dropping a quick elbow as well, only getting a one count after that.

A near 2 count almost made this match a stunningly quick upset. I’m fine with you pretending this match isn’t happening because I would too if I were you. Now I know this guy has had success in Canada before but this isn’t Empire and this isn’t a few years back. Kash backs off a few steps and stalks Andi as she slowly gets to her feet. Montez is laid out again, and free porn cuming Pussy Pika has to recover for a few moments before attempting a pin. From the moment the bell rang, Pika was in snarling animal mode, a drastic change from her usual sunnier self. Cole Gregory: You know, I would like to take a moment and reflect on my defense last show. He grabs a firm hold of his opponent to pull him up to his feet and that’s when Sinclair reacts with some chops to show there was still some fight left inside of him.

I’ll call you after the show. I’ll see you out there. If someone was trying to find out who you were or more specifically where you lived, they could just use a geo-ip spoofer to virtually move around the country, reloading your page to see where your videos were no longer available. He then unlocked his phone, turned the screen towards the webcam so that we could see what was on his phone and played a video. Kash then grabs Lynx by the hair and slams her hard to the canvas. Getting back to her feet, Kitty grabs CD and throws him across the ring to the corner, charging in and hitting a handspring back elbow, dazing Desperado lon enough to lift him up on the top turnbuckle and climb up after him. Yet some half-dozen comedians have cycled through the top spots on Vine since its debut. Because, you will learn your place like all the other peasants have learned. The only concern you will have after this is the quickest way out of CGW.


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