Although you might be enticed to use your favorite gateway and payment processor however, cryptocurrency payments don’t need them. To accept payments using the same currency, you can make use of a cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets are generally available as mobile applications or browser extensions. It is also possible to use cold storage hardware wallets if you’d prefer the highest level of security. They can be quite cumbersome for transactions that are large. In any case, it’s an excellent option to accept payments and keep track of your money.


If you’re a company looking to accept cryptocurrency-based payments, PaySpacelv is an excellent option. PaySpacelv’s broad range of payment options allows businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency of any size that include Bitcoin and Litecoin. While the main benefit of bitcoin is its absence of chargebacks but businesses also need to offer other payment methods like credit cards. PaySpacelv is an online company that is focused on high-risk companies.

Bitpay facilitates international reach for merchants, and also protects them from the kind of fraud bitcoin can bring to. You can add an exclusive payment button on the website that users can use to make payments. Bitpay also offers hosted payment pages for traditional payment methods such as ACH, accept crypto payments FPS, or other channels. Bitpay is a financial technology company based in the USA makes use of blockchain payment technology. They are a trusted service for cryptocurrency payment and utilize advanced analytics to identify fraudulent transactions.

In addition to cryptocurrency payment processing, PaySpacelv offers merchant services in multiple languages, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese. The cost they charge is contingent on a variety of variables, such as user location and the kind of service. Their secure and smooth operation is essential for many users. The fees for PaySpacelv start at 1.2 percent and can vary based on the type of payment you make and where it is located. Additionally, customers applaud their fraud prevention technology and their ability to process a wide range of currencies.


CoinsBank is a crypto payment processor that integrates traditional banking services with Blockchain technology. While it’s only the beginning, CoinsBank is already adding corporate solutions to its offerings like payment cards and salary payments for employees. The company also plans to develop live customer support for its clients. As a bank’s deposit box, CoinsBank offers users two keys to protect their crypto assets. They can monitor their transactions, review the activity logs, and download their statements.

The company offers a variety services for corporations, such as an account that is free or 24 hours a day money transfers. The system is extremely secure and supports major crypto and fiat currencies. In addition, CoinsBank has a mobile application that lets users manage their accounts, view transactions, and make currency conversions. For more information on CoinsBank customers can contact customer support seven days per week all year round.

CoinsBank, Wirex and Litecoin are among the most sought-after cryptocurrency on the market. The payment processor has been able to gain acceptance for 7percent of all chain bitcoin transactions. CoinsPaid supports more than 30 crypto currencies as well as more than twenty fiat currencies. You can transfer some of these currencies from your bank account. The company plans to host an Blockchain conference on the cruise ship in May 2017.

AlfaCoins is one of the most reliable Bitcoin payment processors. You can split your money between cryptocurrency and fiat, which lets you profit from the rising bitcoin prices without having to risk all your earnings. In addition, AlfaCoins also offers 24-hour customer support and a crypto rate system. This helps merchants earn money from the growing digital gold market without placing their entire capital at risk. Apart from that, AlfaCoins also accepts more than 50 cryptocurrency.


If you are still not familiar with cryptocurrency, CoinsPaid is one of the most popular providers of this service. It has a wide-ranging ecosystem that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrency and facilitate instant fund transfers. CoinsPaid has a 0% transaction cost with instant exchange and multiple access levels for clients. Its mission is create an infrastructure for finance that will allow the cryptocurrency businesses to accept payments pay with crypto security.

CoinsPaid has a wealth of experience in the crypto market and is a great choice for helping online businesses accept crypto-based payments. It allows businesses to program their payment workflows in a secure and efficient way. It also offers a wide variety of analytics and tools. CoinsPaid helps businesses accept Bitcoin and integrate cryptocurrency payment methods into their existing systems. It brings together the services of multiple cryptocurrency payment processors to do this.

Apart from being a crypto-payment processor, CoinsPaid also offers low commissions. The costs for cryptocurrency payments are 0.8 percent to 1.5 percent, and bank withdrawals EUR 0.5. Additionally, it offers cold storage of accumulated merchant revenue and a compliance department with a mlro officer. In addition to being a trusted cryptocurrency payment processor, CoinsPaid also provides merchants with a comprehensive suite of services and tools to help them become successful in the industry.

Despite its fame, CoinsPaid is moving beyond simple crypto payment processing to build an ecosystem. It provides a DeFi service along with commercial wallets and an OTC exchange. The CPD token is the central part of its ecosystem, which includes several other DeFi instruments for businesses. CoinsPaid plans to disrupt the Latin American payments market and beyond with its integrated ecosystem.


Coinbase Commerce allows you to accept digital payments, regardless of whether you have an online store or blog, or just selling some cryptos. To make it easier to accept cryptocurrency-based payment, privacygate.Io Coinbase Commerce uses blockchain technology. Coinbase Commerce integrates with popular eCommerce platforms and provides hosted checkout pages and payment buttons. It is integrated with PayPal and other payment processors to offer merchants the same capabilities as a traditional payment processor with no additional risk.

Coinbase Commerce offers two plans for businesses that accept cryptocurrency payments. Self Managed accounts allow users to accept multiple payment options and currencies while the Managed plan offered by Coinbase Commerce allows merchants to hold their private keys. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts recommend that private keys be kept so they can control their assets. Self-managed accounts can be set up quickly and require just an email address. Once you have created your account, you will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments.

If you’re in search of a cryptocurrency payment processor, Coinbase is an excellent option. The company offers a user-friendly app and support for more than 40 cryptocurrencies. The costs for Coinbase’s services are less than the fees associated with traditional banking services. Merchants can also connect their payment processing platforms using the API offered by Coinbase. This makes Crypto processing an attractive option for businesses operating online. The best part? It only costs 1percent of the transaction fee.

The company also offers direct credit amounts payments in a variety fiat currencies. It allows direct bank deposits in 38 countries, and bitcoin settlements in the 240 countries. The number of businesses that accept cryptocurrency is growing as it becomes more popular. Japan and the U.S. have already legalized cryptocurrency. China has strengthened its laws regarding cryptocurrency.


If you’re thinking of integrating crypto payments with your website Plisio is a good alternative to consider. Plisio is simple to install and allows you to join up to 1000 transactions. This will allow you to receive payments from large amounts of customers without incurring any additional charges. Additionally, you can even connect your business accounts to this cryptocurrency-based payment processor.

Plisio’s system for payment is secured by the HTTPS protocol. All digital assets are stored in cold storage. Additionally, it doesn’t require users to undergo KYC, which means that the likelihood of losing your data are slim. Plisio’s account management tools as well as reporting tools help you keep your account private and secure.

Plisio’s Sryptocurrency payment gateway plugin lets you accept altcoins. They are stored in a secure vault. Your customers can store and use altcoins in a safe manner without any additional risks. Additionally, Plisio is among the fastest-growing crypto payment processors, with more than 500 000 merchants across the globe. Why put off? Now is the time to embrace the latest technology and utilize the cryptocurrency currency processor!

NOWPayments lets you accept cryptocurrencies online. It’s a web-based secure and simple to set up as a POS system. You can implement this solution anywhere, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar shop or crypto payment processor an e-commerce site. Its low-cost fees and secure infrastructure make it a great choice for merchants. And, since it’s a non-custodial provider, you can get fast payment times.


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