In 1989, basketball fans could buy a Michael Jordan trading card if they wanted to own a little piece of property connected to the NBA’s most popular player. Now, 30 years later, comes a digital equivalent in the form of collectible player highlights that fans can buy and sell like trading cards.

On Wednesday, the NBA, the NBA Player Association, and blockchain company Dapper Labs announced the launch of NBA Top Shot, which invites fans to own action moments from the league’s history—such as a Kevin Durant 3-point shot or a Joel Embiid dunk, or perhaps Kawhi Leonard’s winning basket in this spring’s Game 7 against the Sixers.

Instead of a physical card, what fans will own is a clip of video that’s been converted into a unique digital token and inscribed on a blockchain. There will be a limited number of each highlight for sale, and those in the same batch will differentiated by a distinct digital marker. Owning the tokens will also allow fans to participate in an upcoming fantasy league of sorts—pitting their collection of digital players against other teams.



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