Now we go to the HoH where Gina Marie is talking to Andy. Now Gina Marie brings up having her period and how she is like a kid crying over a puppy. I’m not sure what all of this has to do with Helen being on the block, but GM brings it around to Elissa having an unfair advantage in the game. If you prefer your right, then you just might be having a boy! She is just stringing sentences together and there are about 6 crazy ones and then 1 rational one. There are many theories concerning Heaven but nobody knows exactly what it is. Love knows no boundaries and neither do fetishes! Helen tries to wrap it up and now they’ve told each other they love each other about three times. She tells Helen she is beautiful, she rocks, and when she talks about sportsmanship it touches Gina Maire. Or maybe just to shut this down, because it’s like a runaway train right now, Gina Marie is speeding down the tracks.

1 reality show, but Big Brother is right up there. Helen even likes Jeremy, too a little, and GM says he reminds her of her brother. Now we go back to the Have Not room where Candice is talking to Helen. Now GM brings up the ring that Jeremy wears, with the indian head on it. Candice, with a head roll: I do think that Jeremy, Nick, and the boys are working together. Elissa pops her head in and asks Helen to come show her something. She tells Helen that is Kaitlin’s ring, and what a coincidence it is that she brought in a ring with an Indian on it. Andy is laying in the HoH bed and he tells Aaryn that she is playing it well right now, chilling in the HoH and letting people make targets of themselves. Well I heard from several people that they wanted to know what I’m like when I’m angry, and they thought that was weird.

I have 2 rabbits at the moment(they live in the garage) and i look after them quite well. Helen tells her to kiss Spencer’s ass right now, and they have time to take care of him later. Probably because he had not wanted to do this in the first place, Bob was taking his sweet time about things (payback and I’m his bitch). Try to have fewer regrets of things that you didn’t do. On the way Elissa must have given Helen a signal that she won MVP again, because Helen starts jumping up and down as they walk. Helen says she’s been a Have Not twice, and New Free sex now that she’s been nominated she’s «building her resume» of all of the suffering she’s had in the house. Now we go back to the Cockpit, where Amanda is eating a big bowl of something and joking about stereotypes with Judd. Candice didn’t understand Amanda the first week, but now she knows that is just her personality and she doesn’t mean to sound like that. There is a problem with Candice’s microphone placement, so I missed some dialog while she moved her hair and clanky earrings out of the way, but I think they were discussing Amanda.

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Jeremy wants to go in the DR to request something, but they think Elissa is in there. Candice suspects that Jeremy voted for David to leave, but she can’t prove it. Candice just can’t let it go, and thinks Jeremy voted David out too, and maybe Nick. Candice whispers that Aaryn had suspicions about Nick, because he was friends with David but still voted him out. In the kitchen they are looking for the slop mixture to make slop balls, and Elissa whispers to her. Helen covers by talking about the recipe, new free sex and the kitchen is absolutely COVERED in dishes and pots and pans. She thinks Spencer may have voted for Elissa to leave, but Helen keeps the secret and doesn’t confess to her own vote. This is because online situations that may cause problems are the same as those in everyday situations except that the tools of the internet and communication devices are being used.


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