The Ghost immobiliser is a device which stops the engine of your vehicle from to start. It’s based on a CAN data network, meaning that it’s easily fitted to any vehicle. It has a small, thekeylab weatherproof design, which means it’s nearly impossible for thieves to identify. There’s no need to worry about your vehicle being stolen.

The Ghost is not like other immobilisers. It isn’t able to be deciphered by thieves. Also, it doesn’t work with key-fobs or LED indicators which means that thieves won’t be able to replicate the code. By pressing the buttons on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and thekeylab center console, Ghost lets you set a PIN code that’s personal to you. This stops anyone from creating duplicate keys or changing the system’s programming.

The Ghost immobiliser is the latest technology in immobilisation systems. It connects to the CAN bus data network of an automobile to stop illegal key cloning or hacking. Once it’s installed, it stops any car from being driven until a certain code has been entered. After the user has entered their code, the system prevents the vehicle from being moved. It also helps prevent car thieves from making off with your valuables. This is done by ensuring that you have a key inside the ignition.

Ghost communicates with the car’s ECU unit by using buttons, which differs from other immobiliser systems. If you do not enter a PIN number and ghost immobiliser cost your vehicle will not be able to begin. With a Ghost immobiliser, thieves are unable to take advantage of expensive metal since the system stops them from starting the car. You can rest assured that your vehicle will not start if you use an inoperative key. The Ghost car tracker, in addition to its advantages, permits you to track down vehicles that have been stolen, which is a great way to safeguard your precious metal.

Ghost communicates with the car’s ECU unit. It operates invisibly and does not give away your exact location. This is a very important feature as it stops key cloning or ECU swapping. It is possible to choose between an ECU Cloning or Ghost service, which is an added advantage. The process of installation is simple and thekeylab cost-effective. It is not necessary to pay again for key cloning and immobilisation .

The Ghost immobiliser works with the vehicle’s ECU unit, preventing the car from being stolen. Its CAN bus capability makes it suitable for vehicles that are not protected by a lock. The Ghost II CAN bus is additionally supported by the Ghost II. This is the first aftermarket immobiliser CANbus that can be connected to the International Security Register. It’s simple to set up and can be used on all vehicles.

The Ghost immobiliser is designed to be extremely difficult to defeat. It is among the most effective forms of vehicle security , and it cannot be towed away physically. It’s also a good option for those who own a luxury car. Ghost immobilisers are able to secure valuable items and deter theft. You should choose the Ghost model that is most suitable for your needs. The autowatch system isn’t easy to bypass.

The Ghost is equipped with a CAN bus and was the first CAN bus immobiliser. It connects to the vehicle’s CANbus and also works with the ECU unit. It also stops cloning of keys and ECU swapping. It all you need is your own personal code. Ghost Ghost is the perfect solution to your needs, regardless of whether you want your car to be hidden and easily identifiable.

The Ghost is a weatherproof, tiny immobilizer which can be utilized with the car’s ECU unit. Its CAN bus data network is low-risk and is highly likely to be detected. The unique reset code makes it possible to start your vehicle with no requirement for a PIN code. It is also designed to be easy to take off and put in. It is equipped with a CAN bus, which permits it to be put almost anywhere.


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