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It’s what she’s there for. When we came out it was dark, and there was nothing much to do, so we went back to school. A hairdresser, ‘Hairy Man’, came in specially for the purpose, using industrial shampoo from a gallon-sized container. The company has gained attention for its pressure wave technology used for clitoral stimulation, and has plans to launch a smart phone app for controlling sex toys, in particular by using voice commands. There’s pressure to turn inwards. That forced Washington to stop welcoming Cubans picked up in the Florida Strait, and brought about a bilateral agreement in September on more ‘orderly’ migration that included an annual granting of 20,000 visas to Cubans. Fixed improperly recording stop causing memory leaks. The next morning, my phone would not stop ringing from Cuban dissidents to ‘thank’ me for ‘confronting’ the Comandante, so I decided to take a week’s holiday to lower my profile on the island. Castro had allowed a similar wave of discontent to spill off the island with the Mariel boat lift in 1980. It also shifted the problem squarely to Washington.

It was the first time most Cubans had heard of Paya’s movement which continued to grow across the island. During my time in Cuba (1998-2002), it wasn’t hard to bump into the garrulous commander-in-chief. Motor City suffered another devastating blow on Wednesday, with Stormy Daniels cancelling an appearance at a local strip club for the second time. Rumors of something going on in Havana harbor on Aug. 5, 1994 sparked an angry gathering that then became an unprecedented anti-government protest in the center of the city. David, stand up. He’s a former city councilor who successfully led the battle to make Mexico City the first Latin American city to pass marriage equality — even before San Francisco. During her first trip to Europe, reporters said Trump looked depressed, seemed aloof, appeared bored, and gave the impression that she was deeply unhappy. I ask Gingrich whether he, as someone who follows Washington crap rather closely and does not have kids to drive to soccer, worries at all about the mounting evidence of coordination between Russians and the Trump campaign.


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