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’t have your cake and eat it too— or I suppose you can with me, because you’ve done all this shit and I stayed. I get nauseous thinking about the things you’ve said about her— I seriously don’t want to know. ’ve cheated on every other girl you’ve been with, in fact you’ve come close to bragging about it, like that hot awesome sex you had with that german girl in college while you were with your ex. I had a dream that you cheated don me with that girl E from work. Trump’s ventures of course, represent this fantasy: this hope that the working man, against the odds dictated by his knowledge, experience, or youtucam hard work will one day strike it rich — Trump University, late night real estate schemes, the casinos. 9 weeks pregnant, puking my guts up every hour or so, sitting at work while a snowstorm outside. ’s your fault. you’re the one who decided to move in after we’d been together 3 weeks.

’s day, before going to the zoo, we had sex, me facedown on the bed, you on top. I wasn’t going to leave, I was too invested, too insecure, too isolated. I had no one else, no friends, Youtucams.Com I wasn’t talking to my parents, so I reached out to the only person who cared at least a little bit. ’s one of the things that I just can’t understand. ’s what you do when you’re high, why did you manage to stop doing that? «The bad guy’s not just at the bus stop anymore. Middle class women will NEVER go for cutting back on welfare, because they do not want competition for available desirable men. I hate when men tell women that! I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think there was anything to be jealous of about her. I don’t think you know much at all, because I haven’t shoved it in your face.

I haven’t thought of you cheating on me. ’s nothing I hadn’t experienced yet— at this point I was catching you cheating on me at least monthly. ’s inevitable that it will happen again, I know you. ’ve finally started exercising some self control and not been cheating on me as far as i know. ’ve asked what’s on my mind and I’ve said nothing— it hasn’t been nothing, I was thinking about you cheating on me. ’ve been cheating on me with behind my back again. ’ve had with other girls with me? ’ve proven that you aren’t ready or willing to be in a committed relationship, while at the same time, doing everything you can to be around me 24/7. why was it so hard for you to make up your mind? You can even download videos from YouTube utilizing the additional programs. I’m not those other girls M. do you even realize how fucked up that is? The antivirus won’t even interfere with the way your computer normally works.


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