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Undoubtedly, the internet, though it may have had a few setbacks especially for English Learning and Teaching, have only made us realize that language would always be evolving. Lets see I have been on Imvu for 6 years and SL for 2 and tbh I’m 20 and I love Imvu. The graphics for both are amazing but see that creating stuff is a little more straight forward on IMVU compared to SL. IMVU rates 3 on my list of 4 strictly for graphics and how simple it is. You are welcome to join our IMVU vs Second Life discussion and vote in the poll. Second Life and IMVU are both wildly popular online worlds where people hang out, chat, meet new people and design amazing virtual items. With Second Life the world is yours and you are only limited to what your imagination can think of and that is why I have chosen Second Life as my number one online virtual game. I rather safety over an easier program that doesn’t give a shit in hell about their players other then how much money they can squeeze out of them. Join and chat for free with over 80,000 of the hottest amateur webcam Hosts from every corner of the Globe.

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