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How many men out there have that kind of self-control? I know that there probably isn’t too much to see, but this could possibly lead to two possible problems. It’s not like there was much sex before the baby, why would a baby change anything at this point. There is no bigger turn off than a smelly girl and I am not just talking about your breath. Her talking casually with a friend drags her to lime light of dirtiness. A friend laughingly joked that being a DINS leads to becoming a DINKS couple! Most of us are familiar with the DINKS abbreviation, which stands for Dual Income, No Kids. The stars who are doing this for public or us, who are covering our faces with a mask of innocence. There stars serve us with entertainment, fun and joy. While infidelity and the fear thereof are unpleasant side-effects of the Snapchat sexting phenomenon, there are also some more sinister consequences.


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