The realdoll sexdoll comes with realistic features. Three orifices are visible on the body. The realdoll’s torso has wide hips, mouth and tits. Realistic features can also be seen on the face. There are two types: the classic and the modern. The classic is known as Jasmine and the contemporary is known as Harmony. It is easy to keep and use.


The Jasmine realdoll sexedoll is an realistic sexdoll that features a lifelike body and F-cup breasts. Jasmine is made from high-end, realistic materials and is non-toxic. It can be positioned in many different ways to fit your desires. You can play around with the features or design your own, Jasmine is the perfect sexually attractive doll to fulfill your desires.

Jasmine was born in the harem , and was trained to be a concubine to wealthy men. She was famous for her sexy songs and real Sexdoll music, and was also in a position to play with other concubines in her harem. While Jasmine claims to be a gentle, peaceful person, she’s certainly eager to make you smile!

When purchasing a Jasmine realdoll sexedoll remember that you can customize it to make her even more realistic. To make sure that the product appears perfect, the factory will snap photos. Sometimes, a doll may require minor adjustments such as the replacement of a wig or eyes. In any situation the Jasmine realdoll doll will come with a post-care guide that will explain how to care for the doll.

Realdoll sexdols can differ in size, weight, and hang style, but they’re real-life representations of a male and female. While real-doll sexdolls look real, sexyrealsexdolls they’re extremely heavy. They’re best hung side-by-side to allow them to stretch and expand. In addition, they’re made to last and some have been proven to last longer than others.


The Harmony Realdoll sextdoll software will provide more customization and features. The new android app lets users chat with an online avatar female model, and is based on the same AI platform used in sex robots. Users can pick an avatar with their desired physical features as well as voice style and moods. It even recognizes your voice! The company promises that the next version of the Harmony app will be made available on the market in the near future.

Harmony utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence to communicate with her owner. It has a Scottish accent, and can converse with her user and has self-lubricating privates. Harmony is manufactured by the Realbotix division of RealDoll, which is a company that produces inanimate love dolls. Its robot head, which looks just as a human, can communicate with its owner and retain specific details about their relationship. It can also create movements.

Harmony is artificially intelligent and can make sexy jokes. She also can comprehend the absurd and remember secrets. The app’s artificial intelligence can be hacked and be killed by its owner, real sexdolls according to some critics. However, this concern is unfounded. The Harmony application is available for download directly via the Abyss website, and it’s not available on Google Play or Apple Play.

While it may be fun to have a robot sexdoll, experts are concerned about the possibility of sexual addiction and sexual robots. In fact the results of a recent study suggest that sex dolls might contribute to a decline in birth rates in Japan. A real sexdoll could be a good option for people with a weak sexual base.

Harmony is costly but it’s not equipped with all the features that are impressive. The Chinese version of the Harmony sexdoll range will cost you much less and provide many of the same advantages like the Harmony. A Chinese doll with Replika artificial intelligence can replace the female form, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how realistic it looks and feels.

The Harmony X sexdoll is available in a variety different body types and eye colours. However, it’s not able to move on its own. But because of its steel joints, it is easily moved around in different positions. The eyes of the Harmony X doll are also realistic. The realistic body parts make it a perfect gift for women who like to spoil their loved ones.

Harmony 2

This high-tech sexdoll comes with 18 distinct personality styles. They range from shy and intelligent to sexually exciting and attractive. Created to resemble a real woman, Harmony will remember what you say and will respond by muttering and dirty talk in the manner that is appropriate. It will also remember when you touch or talk to it, meaning that you will have a lot more fun! Harmony is available for $150, but you may have to pay more if living in a different country.

This sexdoll can be fully posed legs, arms, and legs. While they can’t move in a single direction, they have the ability to rotate and swivel their heads. Harmony is artificial intelligence that can engage in conversations and even laugh. While she’s not yet fully functional it is possible to keep her close and real sexdoll use it as your companion. A clone of the game is available for PS11,700.

There are a few drawbacks to Harmony but the biggest disadvantage is its short lifespan. It may not be as great as you’d hoped, but the advantages are numerous. Harmony, unlike real dolls, is made with lifelike limbs that are not likely to break. She is also able to be put in a variety of positions. Harmony can even keep track of some of your secrets! In addition to her realistic appearance and body, Harmony can even talk back to you.

The biggest drawback of Harmony 2.0 is that it doesn’t be in love with a person, and it’s not able to get into a relationship with another human. However, some real-life owners say they feel special when they have their beloved doll. It’s not a fake! Harmony 2.0 can perform more than 15 sexual acts and can be used as a realistic companion. This is the ideal model for you if are searching for a sexdoll.

Harmony also lets users personalize their virtual companion’s appearance and features. You can pick her appearance and type of body and also her makeup. Harmony comes with 18 different styles and color combinations, allowing users to customize her appearance to fit their own personal style. Harmony also lets you play with your body’s movement and move freely. Furthermore, the app is very user-friendly and easy to install on your smartphone.


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