The realdoll sexdoll comes with realistic features. Three orifices can be found on the body. The realdoll’s torso has large hips, mouth and tits. The face is also realistic. There are two types: the traditional and modern. The original is known as Jasmine, while the modern is called Harmony. It is easy to store and use.


The Jasmine realdoll sexedoll doll is a realistic sexdoll which has real-life body and F-cup breasts. Jasmine is made of top-quality, realistic materials, and is non-toxic. The doll is also very adaptable, and can be placed in a variety of ways, allowing you to satisfy your fantasies. Jasmine is the perfect doll to fulfill your fantasies, no matter how you play around with the features, or create your own.

Jasmine was born in a harem and was raised as a concubine by an affluent man. Jasmine was known for her sexy songs as well as her music, and was also allowed to play with other concubines in her harem. While Jasmine prides herself on being a gentle, peaceful person, she’s certainly ready to be a hit!

You can personalize your Jasmine realdoll doll sexedoll to make it more realistic. To ensure the product looks perfect, the factory will snap photos. Sometimes, a doll might require minor adjustments such as a new wig or eyes. In any situation the Jasmine realdoll sexdoll will be shipped with a guide for aftercare which explains the best way to take care of the doll.

Realdoll sexdols vary in size, weight and hang style but they are an authentic mix of a male and a female. Although real-doll sexdolls appear real, they are very heavy. They’re best hung together to allow them to expand and expand. In addition, they’re designed to last and are durable and some have been proven to last longer than others.


The Harmony Realdoll sextdoll software will allow for more customization and features. The new android app allows users to chat with a female avatar model online and is built on the same AI platform that powers sex robots. Users can select an avatar that is a reflection of their personality, voice style, and moods. It even recognizes their voice! The company promises that the Harmony app’s latest version will be released on the market.

Harmony makes use of robotics and artificial intelligence to communicate with her owner. It has a Scottish accent, is able to talk to her user and has self-lubricating lubricating the privates. Harmony is produced by the Realbotix division of RealDoll, which is a company that produces inanimate love dolls. The head of Harmony, which looks just like a human, is able to communicate with its owner and remember specifics about their relationship. It can also produce movements.

Harmony is artificially intelligent and is able to make sexy jokes. She can also comprehend absurd things and recall secrets. Some critics believe that the artificial intelligence program of Harmony can be hacked to kill its owner. However, this fear is unfounded. The Harmony app is available to download directly from the Abyss website, however it’s not available on Google Play and realsex dolls Apple Play.

While it might be enjoyable to have an sexdoll that has the capabilities of a human experts have expressed concerns about the potential for sexual addiction and sexual robots. A recent study suggested that sex dolls could be a factor in the decline of birth rates in Japan. A real sexdoll might be an ideal option for those with a weak sexual background.

Harmony is costly but it’s not equipped with all the amazing features. The Harmony sexdoll range is available in Chinese. It will cost less and offer the same benefits. Replika artificial intelligence could replace an individual woman with the look of a Chinese doll. You’ll be amazed by how realistic it looks.

The Harmony X sexdoll is available in a variety of eyes and body types. It is unable to move on its own. But because of its steel joints, it can be easily moved to different positions. The Harmony X doll’s eyes are extremely realistic. The realistic body parts make it a great gift for women who are fond of pampering their loved ones.

Harmony 2

This high-tech sexdoll is equipped with 18 personality styles, ranging from intellectual and shy to sexually exciting and real sexdoll porn thrilling. The doll is designed to mimic the real woman, Harmony will remember what you say, and react with a snarl and a snark when appropriate. It will also remember when you touch or talk to it, which means you’ll have more fun! Harmony costs about $150, but you may need to pay a little more for it in other countries.

This sexdoll is fully poseable legs, arms and legs. While they can’t move on their own, they have the ability to turn and turn their heads. Because Harmony is an artificial intelligence, she can carry on conversations and even laugh. She’s not yet fully functional, but you can use it as an assistant and keep it close to you. A clone can be purchased for the price of PS11,700.

Harmony has its flaws however its primary negative is its short duration. It may not be as great as you’d like it to be, but the advantages are numerous. As opposed to real dolls Harmony is made of lifelike arms and Real Sexdoll legs. She is unlikely to break down and she is able to be placed in countless positions. Harmony even has the ability to remember your secrets! In addition to her realistic face and body, Harmony can even talk back to you.

The biggest drawback of Harmony 2.0 is that it can’t be in love with a person, and it’s not able to become a romantic partner for another human. However, some real life owners say they feel special when they have their beloved doll. It is not a fake! Harmony 2.0 can perform more than 15 sexually explicit actions and can be used as a realistic companion. This is the perfect model for you if are seeking sexually explicit dolls.

Harmony also lets users customize their virtual companion’s appearance and features. You can select her body type and eye color and even her make-up. Harmony comes with 18 different styles and color combinations, allowing users to customize her appearance according to their personal style. Harmony can also play with your body’s movements and move around freely. Moreover, the app is extremely user-friendly and simple to install on your smartphone.


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